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Standard shipping is Free! Buy 2 and get a 15% discount.
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Aluminum Boxes:
  • What material is it made with? 

It is called ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel). It is a premium quality material made from two aluminum sheets, sandwiching a polyethylene core. This material is frequently used for external cladding, or facades of buildings, and signage, but we found another use for it..Its flexibility and low weight allow for innovative design with increased rigidity and durability. 


  • Does it keep beer cold? 

The large version box has a compartment with room for a regular size ice pack in the center. Depending on temperature, it can keep your pack cold for the afternoon by the lake. Besides, the material has a polyethylene core, so it provides a bit of insulation. 


  • Is the box heavy? 

Most people are amazed by the lightweight of the box, it seems that it looks heavier than it actually is, probably because it is a metal box, but remember, it is a thin aluminum layer bonded to a plastic core. 

High Beer Nation Box is 1.650 Kg 

Lunch Box is 0.860 Kg 

Treasure Box is 0.815 Kg 


  • Is it going to rust? 

Aluminum does not rust. Rust only refers to steel and iron corrosion. Also, this material is UV resistant for outdoor use. 


Bird Feeders:

  • Is it squirrel proof? 

We designed these hanging feeders to make it hard for the squirrels to get to the seeds. Hung with an extra length of airplane cable, they have a roof overhanging on both sides, and a small opening to access to the seeds down below. The teardrop shape especially is longer and has a very steep roof which makes it even harder for the squirrel to get to the seeds.[Text Wrapping Break] 

  • Does the copper roof require maintenance? 

This model is manually oxidized with chemicals, and then lacquered so it will stay like that. You may want to lacquer it again in a couple years, but it’s not mandatory. We have been making them for 4 years now, and the roofs haven't changed. 


  • How long will it take for the copper to go green? 

Depending on the environment, this process will take more or less time, but it will take many years. If you prefer the verdigri green colour, and don’t want to wait for it, have a look at our oxidized collection of feeder 


  • What kind of wood is it made of? What kind of maintenance does it require? 

The walls are made of cedar, which is a great wood for outdoor, because of its rot-resistance and stability due to the natural oils it contains. In addition, we oil it with linseed oil so it won’t tarnish and turn grey as quickly. You can clean the wood with a soft bristle brush and oil it before the fall if you don’t want the wood to turn grey. But it is not necessary to improve the lifespan of the wood. 


  • What kind of bird does it attract? 

Birds are mostly attracted to different kinds of seeds, but we like to put a mix of seeds to have a variety of visitors. With that, we have small birds up to the Cardinal size (here in Ontario, Canada), which includes but is not limited to chickadees, finches, wren, and junco.  


  • What is the cork for? 

It is the filling hole that is plugged with a cork stopper to close and seal the seeds reservoir. Slightly tapered, it is easy to remove, and still has some grit for it to stay in the hole. 


  • How much seeds does the feeder hold? Which shape holds the most seeds? 

Surprisingly the Teardrop shape is the one that holds less seeds, (just over 2 cups, because of its skinny top) and the Round / Barrel shape is the one that holds most with a capacity of 3 cups. You can pour 2 ½ cups in the Bonnet shape feeder.