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Standard shipping is Free! Buy 2 and get a 15% discount.
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Bird feeder cedar copper oxidized blue teardrop
Bird feeder cedar copper oxidized blue teardrop
Bird feeder copper oxidized blue teardrop
Bird feeder copper oxidized blue gift shipping Canada
Bird feeder copper oxidized blue chickadee

Oxidized Copper Bird Feeder - Teardrop

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Hanging Copper Bird Feeder / Great Patio Decor or Fall Porch Decor / Housewarming Gift or Bird Lover Gift 


This one-of-a-kind oxidized copper bird feeder is unique every time we make a new one. The process to make the patina is handmade in our studio with chemicals to turn the raw copper into a nice oxidized colour. From a deep blue to the well-known verdigris, the result is different every time we do it, so you are guaranteed to get a UNIQUE PIECE. 


Using durable materials such as copper and cedar, this bird feeder is designed to last for years. Easy to use, fill it with seeds and watch the finches, wrens, cardinals and other small birds join the feast ! This bird feeder is a perfect way to add a modern design touch in your garden while enjoying bird watching. 

Every feeder is handcrafted by either Pierre or Coraline in their studio in Toronto. Using high-quality materials, as well as lots of attention to details, these bird feeders are made to be loved at first sight. 


It comes with a carabiner and an extra length of airplane cable to hang it easily right when you receive it. 


You put the seeds at the top (in the cork hole) putting the feeder on its side (cork hole facing up). Fill the reservoir fully, and put back the cork to plug the hole. Then turn quickly the feeder back in its hung position, the seeds will slide down the sides to fill the little space at the bottom, so they are accessible for the bird to eat. As birds eat them and level goes down, more seeds come from the side. And it goes like that until all seeds are eaten, then it needs to be filled up again ! 


As for cleaning, scrape any leftover seeds with a wooden stick (or chopstick), and shake the feeder on its side to empty it before putting new seeds in. It won't get too messy as the copper is sealed with a roofing technique (standing seam) at the top. And there are two drain holes at the bottom, so if any rain makes it to there, it won't stay wet for long. 




Specification : 

- Size (W x L x H) : 5" x 8" x 9-3/4"  //  12.7cm x 20.3cm x 24.7cm 

- Weight (Empty) : 2.1Lb  //  0.95kg 

- Materials : Copper Roof, Cedar Box, Cork, Brass Hardware, Airplane Cable